ombré highlighting
starting at $150.00

A look that is continuously reinvented. The look is changing. Whats interesting to this trend is the execution. Balance staff is moving away from a dark roots/light ends approach you may have seen in the past. There is no more hard line of demarcation. Our Ombre specialists of Balance Salon, tend to agree with the new spring looks. There is not as much contrast as there use to be. Ombre now looks alot more natural. In fact, instead of letting their roots grow out, many clients are asking for single-process color, going a shade lighter or darker than their natural color and letting their old highlights create the new ombre effect.

Balance declares a moratorium on ash tones. Warm shades are great for almost every skin tone, while ash tends to wash people out. Balance is noticing a warming trend. We are seeing blondes that are warming and richer with more buttery tones. These tones have a more solid feel. Dimension is very subtle with no visible highlights. We love using new techniques, which is all about graduating color from dark at the base to light at the ends, to create a beautiful modern look. And there you have it!