10 Beauty Trends You'll Love For 2019


10 Beauty Trends You'll Love For 2019

Who doesn't love a good secret? Sometimes information is key, especially in the beauty world. In the salon, sharing information is a key factor to a great client relationship. Talking about undiscovered things is so much easier than ever before. We love learning and teaching what's new, what's hot, and what people are raving about. 

Grab a pen, you'll want to take notes and remember these secrets we're about to dish. From sheet masks for your body to the comeback of the scrunchie, here’s what's BUZZING IN BEAUTY.

01: press-on nails are having a major moment

Much more refined than the press on nail you bought from your local drugstore in 1995; today's version known as ”pop- on” nails are coming in with amazing shades, shapes, and textures. Ombre’, matte, chrome, holographic, marble, and even studded, whatever you desire is probably available. Who's backing the trend? We're glad you asked. Nail queen, Jennifer Lopez, is a huge fan. Pop-on nails are considered much safer than acrylic nails which can cause long-term damage. They allow you to change up your manicure as often as you change your clothes. What's not to love?!

We love these classic black ones from H&M.

We love these classic black ones from H&M.

02: scalp facials may be the year's best salon treatment.


Raise your hand if you only visit a salon when your color needs refreshing or split ends need chopping. If your hand's up, listen up! The new benefits of a scalp facial will have you wanting those salon visits more often. Although the treatment isn’t new per se, Kerastase has been on this idea for years. The perks are robust and people are finally taking notice. Scalp facials typically include four steps: clarifying, massage, conditioning, and moisturizing. They help address issues such as itchiness, dandruff, dryness, oiliness, and odor, as well as promoting relaxation. I mean, who doesn't love nice head massage?! The removal of build-up from the scalp can also help encourage hair growth by unclogging hair follicles where growth may have been stunned. You read that correctly, HAIR GROWTH!

03: the new culprit behind gray hair will shock you.

Seeing gray hairs pop up can be unsettling, but when you see them multiply is when we jump into drastic decisions to hide them. At this moment, step away from the box color. Repeat, step away from the box color. Due to high levels of ammonia, we highly discourage such DIY grey coverage. What if you could delay the buggers? Turns out, a dietary deficiency in B vitamins may contribute to premature grays. Trichology researchers discovered that lower levels of B12 and B7 (biotin) were more likely to develop gray hair at an earlier age. So, us hair consultants encourage you to take those vitamins!

the branch of medical and cosmetic study and practice concerned with the hair and scalp

04: the ‘80s called: SCRUNCHIES are making a comeback.

The iconic ‘80s staple is back in the beauty game! Many brands are launching modern (and much more stylish) versions of the hair accessory we once loved. Fashion bigwigs like Balenciaga and Mensuur Gabriel and our beloved bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe did their versions for the trend. Each added their own version of fun and sophisticated looks that give your childhood puffy cotton hair tie a serious chic makeover. Think fresh patterns, volume, and texture for your summer bun, and rock your boho festival hair out! 

Check out  dew  scruchies from Kaitlyn Bristowe!

Check out dew scruchies from Kaitlyn Bristowe!

05: facial yoga isn’t just a gimmick...

According to Happy Face Yoga, women ages 40 to 65, with mild to moderate sagging skin, looked nearly 3 years younger after five months of performing facial yoga. One-minute facial exercises conducted every day for eight weeks can revert those sagging muscles.  Facial yoga can rejuvenate the aging face, and promote underlying muscle growth. Hard to believe?  Take on this trend while meditating youth.


06: the most modern type of a vitamin C. 

Dermatologist, Esta Titian’s, and beauty gurus like balance salon love vitamin C . It’s a skincare staple in any regimen if the goal is younger looking skin. We've used serums and creams, powders are the new formula on the scene - and could be a better option. Vitamin C is more stable and less likely to degrade in powder form. Mix it into your other products because those products are typically made with water, which causes that antioxidant to break down. Beware, your skin can be very sensitive to this powder form because of its power to plump. All of our make up at Balance Salon has a base of Vitamin C to help with that B Glow Face.

07: chic bobs are back.

Short yet HIGH impact 

We believe bobs have made a comeback and are here to stay for a while. They’re great because you can customize them to your face shape. For example, a bob with side swept bangs is great for round faces, and square faces look chic with layers. Bob’s that hit at the jawline show off bone structure.


08: wispy bangs

Myth: bangs aren't for maturing ladies.

Bangs, or as some like to call them, fringe, can be flattering no matter your age."Wispy bangs are trending because they help emphasize the eyes," says Balance Salon hairstylist, CJ Nicotera. “They can work on just about anyone regardless of their ethnicity or age, because they can help to create the idea of a desired oval shape. They can also make a big difference when you’re looking to cover lines on your forehead! We have choices these days: bangs or Botox?


09: natural texture

AKA effortlessly feminine.

Our very own Shelly Kelly, curly hair guru of Balance Salon, says "more consumers are embracing their natural texture, while also defining it. Keratin Complex offers a breakthrough product allowing curly hair to be natural but truly tamed. We have had amazing results by "Botoxing" curls to strengthen the wave, but slightly relax it to create today’s beach wave - naturally. Clients showing off these curly cues are allowing natural shapes and styles to express individuality and femininity." She adds, "this can be done with short or long hair."


10: high ponies - anything but basic works.

A summer must.

Ponytails have the ability to transform a person like no other hairstyle. You can wear them with volume,  basic or braided - or even half up, half down. Keep the style cool and easy, and pull a few face-framing pieces out in the front. Short hair blues? No worries, Balance Salon offers an amazing ponytail hair extension that makes life a breeze on the beach.


11: slicked back is a fashion-forward statement

Hair that’s perfectly swept back off the face is one of the hottest red carpet styles. To master this look, it’s important to use lightweight styling products. Our faves are from Kerastase. Lightweight products give your hair strongholds but won't weigh down the look. Choose a part that flatters your face shape, because your face will be on full display. With that being said, the eyes have it all with this glam style.

Complementary eyeshadows and lipsticks are a bonus to this red carpet look at Balance Salon. Our makeup queen, Rachel Harris, gives some quick tips on eye color -->

  1. For our brown eyed girl, you pretty much have the color wheel at your mercy. However, try trading out black for a deeper cool shade as a primary color. Using a navy liner on your upper lash will create a pop of sexy. Wear burnt oranges, emerald greens or sapphire blue as a light wash of color. Gray and silver tones instantly brighten a dark brown eye - we call that the smoke show! Purples and berry-inspired colors can be used daily. Pout perfect with a berry-inspired color, just make sure they are a cool tone to balance out the warmth in the brown.

  2. Green / Hazel Blue tones crush these cat eyes! Don’t be intimidated by reds or greens to highlight around the eyes. Consider variations of red such as burnt reds and burgundy. Coppers are amazing! For those lips, opt for a violet red shade to create depth or a nude coral hue for added vibrancy.

  3. Naked neutrals are a showcase for those baby blue eyes. Add a contrast of warm colors. Orange tones, coppers, gold, and rust allow blue eyes to stand out. Precious metals like vivid rose gold and subtle sheen greys add clarity. For a loud mouth, don’t hesitate to wear bold ruby red lipstick!



Mad About Hue


Mad About Hue

California Dreaming...

Cj and The B Team are the main mavens behind some of the coolest hair in Atlanta. They share their hair love in Dunwoody the popular area center of Atlanta perimeter. The partners of Balance salon are constantly crafting their magic on the likes of the demands of some Atlanta's celebrities and social personalities, and this year they have taken to the road for 2018's trends of color and cuts from New York - Miami - LA. They work alongside Matrix, L’Oreal , Redken, keratin complex, and Bobby Brown cosmetics. Finally taking a break from education for a month, Balance Salon & Co breaks down how to get their trade mark B-highlights and Cayenne spice looks. Sit down with owner, CJ, and get filled in on the juicy secrets.

Q what is the secret of the B highlight?

It’s a technique we use in our salon to create a consistent and beautiful, lighter look. We take a blonde or brunette and add lighter pops in the front – a.k.a. the money piece-babylights , then tip out the ends. This all gets melted to perfection to create a #bgirl blonde. It’s all in the placement and it’s about working smarter, not harder. We're able to take our clients lighter using fewer foils but covering more ground. We use different size foils - we don’t buy fancy ones; just large precut Reynolds foils that chefs use. It makes a big difference. One big reason it makes a difference.. it keeps the hair healthy. We like to oil the hair first or lightly fill in hair with our own olaplex cocktail to balance out PHs. Our wins are our toners. We mix to perfection. We offer a variety of healing toners that gloss the hair for immaculate shine and softness, but importantly, keeping the hair healthy. We always recommend a pre-detox treatment before our toning magic.. (water is the devil to us) 83% of hair color is shifted due to minerals in H2O... we get those nuggets out!!

Q what is cayenne spice aka rose gold?

It’s a beautiful copper red color that was created by one of our top colorist @shellykelly (our very own spice girl) and was inspired by Emma Roberts' look. We pre-lighten first, then the layering of color can begin. We start at the root with a deep copper red, move to the mid shaft with medium copper red. We let it process but leave the ends out blonde. Once hair has finished processing, we gloss everything so it melts into perfection. Color must be multidimensional, so the root should always be slightly darker. The finished look should appear only a little highlighted. It’s such a beautiful fun color for this summer and fall for our guests. We can always adjust our red colors to suit each individual client. We strive to make ensure it will be flattering to the individual guest's skin tone. What separates us from the rest? It's our detoxing collection designed for each individual guest to ensure beautiful results with our color and cuts. Allow us enough time to spoil you with all our wonderful treatments! 

Q What is THE haircut and style for the remainder of the year?

We are still playing with a lot of shattered layers. Length doesn’t matter, shoulder-length, short, and long all work with this cut. Shags are definitely crawling their way back in our chairs. Hippy street is walking it’s way out and volume texture is moving right in. Techniques with hot tools are really important to learn, if you’re into dimensional curls. Learning different directions to wind, twist, band, unfold is mind-blowing but really easy to teach our guests. It’s all amazingly shattered with no rules anymore.

Braids and more braids...

Men, we know you all want to look like the Rock! But, whatever dude wants dude gets. We have explored so many looks in men’s design - it just doesn’t matter anymore. Men ultimately get what they want, or what their wife’s / girlfriend see. So with men, ee love to just go with the wind. Our entire team our certified barbers with amazing skills. 


Hair Care Resolution 2017


Hair Care Resolution 2017

Everybody wants strong volumes and shiny hair, which is why there's always a new miracle product with the latest technology and developments coming out (we love product diversity at Balance Salon)! The hair care market continues to evolve with new product trends that promise to give us the camera-ready and salon finished hair we've always wanted.

We LOVE products! We offer Kerastase, Aveda, Matrix, and the top onesies that every girl needs.

We LOVE products! We offer Kerastase, Aveda, Matrix, and the top onesies that every girl needs.

It's all about YOU..

Beautiful hair state is not just a sign of beauty, but also a reflection of one's overall well-being. Most people don't know this, but with our years of experience in the hair industry, we have learned that a person can use the best hair products in the world - that money can buy - but he or she will not be able to achieve optimal results without adhering to the cardinal rule of hair care... Washing hair properly and regularly...


  • Always use professional products recommended by your Balance Salon Stylist. 
  • Wash your hair after exercise. sweat contains bacteria and sulfates.
  • Rinse very thoroughly. Build up of product can dull your hair and color and leave an odor.

Our top picks from balance salon panel are..

  • Kerastase : ELIXIR ULTIME Collection and Densifique Collection
  • Aveda : Scalp Benefits and Invati - for thinning hair